These Guys Actually Held A Funeral Service For Fishes Because They Believed They Were Gods

The youth of Nyinahin, a town in the Ashanti Region held a funeral service for some fishes when they found them dead in the river. 

fish burial

They performed rituals for three fishes they found dead in the Nyinahin Amaano river.

According to Kofi Owusu, the youth leader, the burial service, conducted in similar fashion for dead persons;

was to prevent calamity, according to Kofi Owusu, the youth leader.

They believed the fishes were gods and if they don’t perform the rituals, it will bring about calamities and disasters and so to avert it, they had to conduct the burial service in respect to the gods.

fish funeral

So there you have, it is not only white kids who hold a burial service for their pet fishes, we have some big men here in Ghana doing same and we doff our hats to them.