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Ghana Rugby Eagle Awarded For Excellence

The Business School of King’s University College held an awards night and dinner in celebration of Alumni who are in one way or the other making the University proud over the weekend.

One such Alumnus is Jason Dzata, a player in the Ghana Senior National Rugby Team, the Ghana Eagles.

Jason Dzata is also the Zonal Coordinator of the Greater Accra area of Ghana Rugby’s World Rugby “Get Into Rugby” (GIR) youth development and participation programme.

He was awarded for his involvement in international sports.

The Registrar, in a speech, commended the awarded alumni and urged them to give their very best in all they do in order to excel in their various endeavours.

Jason played for the Ghana Rugby national team, the Ghana Eagles, in the recently ended Rugby Afrique Regional Challenge Group West 1 between Benin, Ghana and Togo.

The Ghana Eagles won the tournament by beating Bening 46 to 5 points and Togo with a final score of 10 to 0 to earn 9 tournament points. Depending on what happens in the rest of the Group D tournaments this victory may promote Ghana up the ladder in its quest to enter the world stage of Rugby.

Jason plays as either loose forward or centre and has represented Ghana in various tournaments including in 2011 (15s), 2012 (15s), 2015 (15s and 7s), 2016 (15s) and 2017 (15s).

According to Jason, Rugby is his life and the values he has gained through his participation in the sport is immeasurable.

“Besides for keeping me out of mischief and into fitness, Rugby has also helped an enormous lot to build me as a more focused and disciplined person,” Jason said.

He was also full of accolades for the President of Ghana Rugby, Mr Herbert Mensah, who has taken Ghana Rugby in a apparent record time of fewer than three years from almost nowhere to become a Full Member of World Rugby just after the Regional Challenge tournament ended.

Jason is also involved in the fundraising programme of Ghana Rugby and is featuring in a crowdsourcing programme via generosity that has just been launched.

In his appeal, Jason states that the money raised will be invested firstly in the youth development programme that is mostly based on the World Rugby “Get Into Rugby” programme.

“For that we need kit and we need development officers. Your contribution will buy one Rugby ball. Ghana Rugby needs about 5,000… Then there are whistles, pumps, cones, bibs, tags, tag belts…” Dzata said.

Jason Dzata in an appeal to help raise funds for Ghana Rugby.

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