Supreme Court Urged To Sanction Judges…Who Undermine Its Authority

Nana Nanabanyin Queesy Ninsin-Imbeah II, Ex-Nyimfahen of the Mfantseman Council in the Ashanti Region, has praised a Supreme Court Judge, Mr. Justice Jones Dotse, for public awareness regarding the position of the Apex Court of the Republic of Ghana on non-bailable offences.

The Chief said the Justice of the Supreme Court had really done well by coming out during his lecture at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) School of Law  recently on the issue, and urged him to continue to educate the public on the laws, since the law is no respecter of persons. “The public awareness should not end there,” Nana Ninsin-Imbeah suggested.

The Supreme Court Justice had referred to the case of “Martin Kpebu Vrs. Attorney General”, filed in February 2015, following which the Supreme Court “struck out the country’s law on non-bailable offences.”

Justice Dotse, according to Nana Ninsin-lmbeah, had stated that some judges, magistrates and prosecutors have, in a coordinated manner, tried to “undo” the effort of the Supreme Court to “sanitise the criminal justice system.”

The ex-Mfantse Nyimfahen wondered why Justice Dotse could not go a mile further to name and shame those “judges, magistrates and prosecutors” so identified as trying to “undo” the efforts of the Supreme Court.

He questioned: “What prevents Justice Dotse to help expose the judges, magistrates and prosecutors so identified, by properly naming them and citing them for contempt for the appropriate punishment to be meted out to them to bring about some maximum level of discipline in the administration of justice in the country.”

The  ex-chief, once a victim of contempt of court alongside Madam Patricia Appiagyei, Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa, and others for going against the ruling of a Lower Court, noted that if it was possible to be cited for contempt for going against the ruling of a Lower Court, then those “judges, magistrates and court officials” who found themselves in a conspiracy, or doing acts that lowered the respected esteem of the judiciary, must be sanctioned accordingly.

He said the identified group of persons who have acted ultra vires, as detected by Justice Dotse, should duly be punished administratively to bring sanity into the judicial system.

From Sebastian R. Freiku, Kumasi