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The Boys Of Maghemo Youth FC Were Given Proper Jerseys And They Look Dope

The love of football is universal.

Many kids grow up playing football. The game doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor. A few months ago, a picture of some boys playing the game in nylon jerseys they made went viral. This Nigerian, Adetutu Balogun launched a campaign to find the boys and gift them proper jerseys.

And she found them. It turns out the boys are in Malawi. And they always play in nylon jerseys since they can’t afford proper ones.

Adetutu mobilised others and the boys who play for Maghemo Youth FC were given proper football kits.

The kits were presented to them at the National Stadium after the game between Malawi and Madagascar.

They look so good! And we still don’t know who is cutting onions nearby.

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