Ghana is the coolest place to be… WATCH ‘Sunday Morning’ by Eli & Alex Wondergem

From the team that brought us touching documentaries on scrap metal men and a gym aide from recycled metal, comes a new project highlighting what makes Ghana a cool place to live.

The project,  Buying Our Freedom depicts two young artists, Eli & Alex Wondergem from the center of the world wishing for a better paradigm for the next generation of Africans and highlights the importance of collaboration.

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Beyond music, it is also a visual project showcasing the motherland in a way never seen before. Without Will Niava’s visual representation and love, the project wouldn’t have been so vibrant.

“We just released a music video for one of the tracks, it’s called “Sunday Morning”. It’s about the love we have for Ghana and that no matter where we are in the world, we always want to find ourself back home. The music is very vibrant and highlights our journey within Accra from the football stadium to moving around traffic on taxi motorcycles,” says Alex Wondergem