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7 Terms Kenyan Men Use To Describe Beautiful Women With

Whoever said ‘women make the world go round’ deserves to be gifted a bottle of beer by every man.

Women are an integral part of the world’s functionality. They make men sing songs, fight and write books about them. As Kenyan men, our women make us go crazy too, especially the hot ones. They make us so crazy that we keep inventing new terms to refer them with.

Here are the most common ones.


This one means a woman is blessed in all the right areas. She has the packages, the artillery, the goods, whatever you would like to call them.

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2. Ni msupa mbaya/kuruka.

A guy says this to mean a woman is just ‘killing it’ in the beauty department. Okay, I have never understood what the ‘it’ that people usually ‘kill’ is, but you get the picture.


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3. Ameiva

Just like a fruit, ‘ameiva’ means ‘she is ripe’. She is qualified to be plucked from the tree of society and placed into a domestic basket.

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4. Ako sawa.

The term ‘ako sawa’ can be directly deconstructed to mean ‘she is so fine.’ She is finer than a Colombian beauty queen. Or maybe not like that. Let’s stick to ’just fine.’

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5. Anaweza.

To put it simply, ‘anaweza’ means a woman has passed the ‘beholder’ test. If a woman is beautiful to your eyes, then ‘anaweza.’ She doesn’t have to necessarily be beautiful to other men.

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6. Anatesa.

A term used to refer to females who were brought to the world to make men suffer from their looks. Women who cause men who are walking with their girlfriends to turn their heads.

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7. Ako league yake.

She is in her own league. La Liga, Champions League…all the big leagues but not Europa League. Arsenal fans you will have to forgive me. But yes, this term is used for women whose beauty can’t be compared to any other.

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