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14 Style Lessons Kenyan Men Can Learn From Tanzania’s Heartthrob Ali Kiba

We all love Ali Kiba, don’t we?

I mean, what’s not to love about him? He’s sexy as hell, a stellar performer with great energy both on and off stage and he oozes talent and style, to say the least.

When talking male fashion, he’s one of the guys our Kenyan men should look up to for some style inspiration. His style is sophisticated, relaxed, comfortable, minimal yet super stylish without screaming “show off!” like most artistes.

Kenyan men, here are style lessons you can learn from Kiba.

1. Bomber jackets were huge last year and they’re still having their moment in fashion.

They especially come in handy for that laid back weekend night out look, paired with a tee, jeans or khakis, and some Chelsea boots.


A post shared by alikiba (@officialalikiba) on Oct 21, 2016 at 3:19am PDT

Every man needs to have at least one denim shirt and several pairs of denim pants in his closet. This is that classic weekend look that will remain stylish for a long time.

3. And while still on denim…

Do not be afraid to go for an unorthodox look; feel free to go for distressed denim styles and those with hand or wax print on them for a different-good look.

4. What’s your Coasto style?

Ali Kiba’s is shorts and a vest. He accessorizes with a baseball cap and sunnies and indeed, it’s a perfect beach look.

5. But please, if you’re gonna wear vests, make sure that your arms have been to the gym…

Otherwise, leave the vests for the girls and gym buffs.


A post shared by alikiba (@officialalikiba) on Nov 23, 2016 at 3:30am PST

6. Travel in style.

Invest in a nice leather backpack or travel bag and keep it simple in a crew-neck tee and jeans and shoes that go with the look, such as sneakers and Chelsea boots.

Shorts are your ultimate hot weather style must have. A great look for daytime festivals such as Blankets & Wine and Koroga Festival.

8. For cold weather style, invest in a stylish trench which you can throw on to keep warm.

9. Go back to basics.

Another must have item in every man’s closet is a dress shirt. It comes in handy be it for office wear or weekend style and Kiba wears his with fitting pants, a great leather belt and slip on shoes. Fold the arms a wee bit to add some oomph to the look.

Be it with fedoras, stylish sunnies or a man brooch, play around with accessories if you want to spruce up your look.

11. A great leather/biker jacket is a must have!

The biker jacket goes a long way. It’s also a really versatile piece and can literally be paired with anything.

12. Sweatpants look great on men.

We not only love our mean serving us Saturday morning breakfast in bed while wearing nothing but sweatpants, but also love to see them in that relaxed weekend look of sweatpants and a stylish cardigan for a lazy day at the mall. Size is key though, if you buy sweatpants that are two sizes bigger, you’ll look drab. They need to be in your size to achieve a great look.

13. Stylish men are not afraid of color.

14. Lastly, if you’re gonna don a suit, please please please, make sure it’s fitting!!!

The crotch of the pants cannot be hanging aimlessly, the cut, fit and length have to be perfect. Otherwise, wachana tu nayo tafadhali.

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Image: Daily Nation

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