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15 Kenyan Characters That Can Annoy You To Death

Heh! Let me tell you…in this Kenya, there are people who can drain the little life remaining out of you.

And if you’re like me, who has zero patience and tolerance for bullshit, then you’ll agree that there are some Kenyan characters who we all hate.

Hate is a strong word; let’s change that to, characters who we are not fond of. Reasons? Well, it could range from not being chap chap, to being too bossy, a case of inferiority complex or simply being annoying as hell.

Here are some of those characters:

1. Tribalists.

Must you propel hate and tribalism? Does that make you feel better? You’ll find so many tribalists on Social Media. Cowards who hide behind their keyboards and propel hate.

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3. Rude receptionists and waiters/waitresses.

Nothing irks me more than bad service! If you’re looking for a job in the service industry, the least you can do is be nice. Everyone you meet is going through their own struggles and in all honesty, there’s no need to be bitchy, just spread positive vibes…


Image: Giphy

4. Speaking or rude, have you ever encountered those watchmen who grill you at the gate?

Eish, you’d think you’re negotiating to enter the gates of heaven. Some won’t even let Uber drivers in SMH.

Image: Bankole Oluwafemi/Medium

5. And speaking of Uber, nobody can stand those rude Uber drivers…they need to seriously chill out!

6. OLX Online market places Conmen and other Kenyan conmen in general.

If you haven’t been conned in Nairobi, consider yourself lucky.

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7. Thieves and traffic phone snatchers.

Nairobi thief

Image: YouTube

8. Strict landlords who start harassing you when you’re late on rent by just one day.

9. Watu was kukata maji na stima…


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10. Nosey neighbors.

They see you bringing someone of the opposite sex to your house and start peeping through the curtains.

mejja peeping


11. People who tell you they’re taking you to a meeting for a potential job

and it turns out to be a World Ventures meeting or some funny pyramid scheme convention.

Image: giphy

12. DJs who keep talking in between songs. Just shut up and let us listen to the music okay?!!


Image: ESPN

13. Kenyan police; these ones will drain the life out of you down to your soul. Get arrested once, utajionea

Kwanza that accent of theirs is so annoying! Why do they speak like that in the first place? LOL.

kenya traffic police

Image: StandardMediaKE

14. Jaywalkers.

There should be a lane on the street for people who walk slowly. Some of us are in a rush!

Photo: GhanaPosts/Instagram

15. Tailors who never ever have your clothes ready.

Image- YouTube

Which annoying character did we leave out?

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