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10 Things We Are All Guilty Of Doing In Church

Going to church has always been a tradition that you are taught to embrace from a young age.

Through every stage of church going you learnt a few tricks that were either helpful or simply irritating to the serious people around you. Sometimes we are just bored of the preacher especially if he is new or the praise and worship team is not sounding good at all. Regardless of how much you love your church service I am quite sure that you have been guilty of these 10 things.

1. You pretend you’re on a bible app but Facebook got you a long time ago and the memes are fire.

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2. Keep going to the bathroom especially when it’s time for offering.

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3. You take really long blinks but you’re just sleeping.

3. Pretending to know a song that you have never heard and even look emotional about it.

4. Going to church to flirt only.

5. Start counting the number of people that are present like you’ve been paid to do so.


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6. Insist on talking to the person next to you even when they don’t seem interested.

7. Nod to everything the preacher is saying although you’re just thinking of lunch.


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8. When you can’t find the right passage but pretend to be reading the right one confidently.

9. You start drawing cartoons on the bulletin while you are meant to be writing notes.

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10. Go crazy in the church parking lot even if you just came from an inspiring service about anger.


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