Sonnie Badu Merits Doctorate Status…US Christian Fellowship Puts Facts Right

It has emerged that Ghanaian International Award-Winning Gospel Musician and UN Ambassador, Dr. Sonnie Badu, indeed merits his doctorate status as well as the UN Ambassadorial role conferred on him recently.

This comes in the wake of wild allegations making rounds on Social Media and published by some online news portals.
In his article ‘Ghana’s Doctorate Degree Epidemic: Phony Awards for Wontumi and Sonnie Badu’ ( the writer Prosper Yao Tsikata sought to paint the picture that Minister Sonnie Badu did not merit the doctorate status.
It would be recalled that Sonnie Badu was awarded Doctorate of Divinity by CICA International University and Seminary) and also given UN Ambassador of Sacred Music (CDSE) (Commander of Most Distinguished Order of Special Envoy Expert in the Field of Sacred Music).
It has also been established that the institutions involved are very reputable institutions with hard won credibility in trainings and have had wide networks with other organizations for several years running.
Word of Life Christian Fellowship and CICA International University & Seminary, based in the USA, have therefore been compelled to come out with the clear straight facts regarding Sonnie Badu’s doctorate honours.
In a letter cited signed by H.E. Rt. Hon. Dr. Phillip S. Phinn, OEA, D-C.P.C. President General/ Chancellor of Word of Life Christian Fellowship & CICA International University & Seminary respectively, strongly put it right that Dr. Sonnie Badu’s elevation is worth it.
This is nothing short of a dirty agenda being spearheaded by one Social Commentator and Lecturer in the USA by name Prosper Yao Tsikata to the effect that the awards do not even exist in the USA and the UN agencies.
Checks also conducted revealed that Prosper Yao Tsikata wrote to the team for their response in relation to the matter but due to reasons best known to him, he was impatient for the official response from the Sonnie Badu team.
Also find attached relevant documents proving otherwise to the negative social media campaign by Prosper Yao Tsikata.

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*Below is the full statement from the fellowship:*

This letter serves to make clear the honours that were conferred on Dr. Sonnie Badu on April, 30th, 2017 by Word of Life Christian Fellowship & CICA International University & Seminary respectively.

Word of Life Christian Fellowship is the only full gospel organization that is in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) for over 20 years and has established its own strata of awards for its representatives/ambassadors to the United Nations and those holding At-Large positions.
One of such award is the Commander of the Most Distinguish Order of Special Envoy (CDSE).
This was the honour bestowed upon our recent appointed UN Ambassador Dr. Sonnie Badu.
Dr. Badu will be assigned to the UN office in Geneva and will start his tour of duty in January of 2018.
Perhaps the media reported that Dr. Badu was given this award by the United Nations which was incorrect; it was given by Word of Life Christian Fellowship, a UN accredited NGO, and we also appointed him as one of our Distinguish Ambassadors At-Large and to the UN
office in Geneva.
On the matter of the Honorary Doctorate that was given to Sonnie Badu, we wish to refute the idea that our University & Seminary does not have the legal authority to give a minister of the gospel, especially someone in the standing of Dr. Badu.
Enclosed please find two letters from the government of state of Florida which serve to verify our LEGAL position.
Dr. Sonnie Badu has exceeded the requirements by the University & Seminary for such an honour (Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree), as he has been a gospel minister in excess of ten years.
The truth will prevail and those of you who know Dr. Sonnie Badu can truly testify that he is a man of substance, honest and God fearing.
God Bless,
Yours Sincerely,
H.E. Rt. Hon. Dr. Phillip S. Phinn, OEA, D-C.P.C.
President General/ Chancellor of
Word of Life Christian Fellowship & CICA International University & Seminary respectively.

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