GAPA Celebrates International Albinism Awareness Day

Ghana Association Of Persons With Albinism (GAPA) celebrates the 3rd edition of International Albinism Day today June 13, 2017 in kpong of Eastern Region with a theme “Advancing With Renewed Hope”

As part of the celebration, the participants, as well as the executives walked through the principal streets of Kpong to keep their body active and also showcased on placards perceptions people have on them and what they need from people as well.

Some of the placards read: ‘Ladies with Albinism are very beautiful; Person with Albinism are normal human beings; A child with Albinism is not a demon; You will not encounter a bad luck if you associate yourself with people with Albinism; Print reading materials in large fonts (Font size of 14 or above); Albinism is genetic not a curse; Exam questions for students with Albinism should be printed in large font size (16) among others.

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