‘Clean Accra’ billboards were not removed because of media bashing – Mayor

Mayor, Minister ‘Clean Accra’ billboards pulled down after social media trolls

Huge billboards erected in the metropolis with the portrait of some two government officials are being pulled down following social media bashing.

The Greater Accra regional minister Ishmael Ashitey and the Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mohammed Adjei Sowah, had their images on the billboards erected at vantage points in the capital with the inscription “Welcome to Accra, the Proposed Cleanest City in Africa”

Evethough the two officials have denied knowledge of the said billboards mounted with their portraits, there were social media trolls on the billboards much to the amusement of commentators who argued it was wrong to use scarce resources to mount such billboards, when the city is still contending with filth.

The billboard comes after President Akufo-Addo pledged to make Accra the cleanest and best city in Africa.

However, after the public uproar on the billboards escalated Thursday some pictures have resurfaced on social media with some individuals removing the billboards.

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It is unclear whether the pulling down of the billboards were being done under the instruction from the two officials.