Kotoka Airport VIP lounge closed down

Reports reaching The Herald, suggest a lot of auspicious private jets; have been landing at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) this year.

Insiders reveal, security details at the airport, are prevented from going on board to inspect the private jets, to be sure they are not carrying drugs or laundering money.

The Herald learnt that, operatives who insist on inspecting the jets, are moved from the airport.

Media reports are that, the Diplomatic Community, are upset with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, after it emerged that a member of a leading international terrorist group with links to Syria, paid and used the VIP Lounge of the Kotoko International Airport with the support of government officials.

The VIP Lounge of the Kotoka international Airport, has been closed down for almost two weeks now, without any official announcement from government and a lot of tongues are already wagging.

It appears government is using the closure, to assuage the diplomatic service, especially the European countries, which raised red flags over the use of the facility.

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Sources at the airport, say the closure was due to a serious security breach.

Some have claimed that, the actual closure of the VIP Lounge, was due to its usage by an internationally wanted terror suspect, who was in Ghana for some days and actually held meetings with some top government officials.

When the information was leaked to some members of the diplomatic corps, a strongly worded letter was dispatched to the Presidency, with serious threats of severe sanctions.

It is alleged that, this terrorist, who was in the country on behalf of his group, sponsored the New Party Party in the run-up to the 2016 general elections and have initiated moves to recoup their investment.

Our sources within the Diplomatic Community, indicates that Ghana faces potential sanctions for aiding in terrorism. R