NSMQ17: Live: 'It wasn't easy but it was worth it; Adisco survive

In the last quarter-final clash for Thursday, the auditorium is packed with supporters of the defending champions, Adisadel College.

The 2016 victory still ringing in their ears, Adisadel College are looking to win for the second time ever.

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Final round is over, Adisco
Adisadel College: 50pts
New Juaben SHS: 40pts
Takoradi SHS: 38pts
The Riddle is struck out after consultants find out, the answer was shouted to Adisco from the crowd.

Photo credit: Primetime Ltd
Controversy as Adisco is accused of receiving help after an answer appears to have been shouted at the contestants.

Adisco open 7-point lead over New Juaben SHS as we enter final round of riddles.

End of Round 4:
Adisadel College: 44
New Juaben SHS: 37
Takoradi SHS: 34
We move to the Third Round which is the Problem of the Day. It is a Chemistry question with 10 points at stake in this neck-and-neck race. Any point at this stage is priceless.

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Quiz mistress is ‘giving it’ to New Juaben SHS for confusing calculations. They got the the correct answer through a wrong route. Interesting.

Takoradi SHS, “your calculation I don’t know where you went wrong. They collect 6pts. Adisco get a good 8 points to restore their lead.

Scores so far: Adisadel College: 28
New Juaben SHS: 27
Takoradi SHS: 27
Results after second round, New Juaben leads by a point.

Takoradi SHS: 21 pts
New Juaben SHS: 22 pts
Adisco: 20 pts
In a ruthless second round, Takoradi SHS, the least supported among the three, are decimating Adisco’s 4pt lead.

Adisco in shaky first round win. New Juaben, Takoradi are close.

End of First Round
Takoradi SHS: 19pts
New Juaben SHS: 17pts
Adisco: 23 pts
No push-overs in this round. New Juaben is a real threat plus their intimidating supporters. Takoradi doing well. Adisco won’t be too happy because it is not as easy ass the names appeared.

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Quiz mistress explains an answer to New Juaben supporters and they respond ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’. It is getting really funny here.

They finally do after more than three opportunities go waste. New Juaben is in a strong start. Remember Adisco didn’t start their first round in the 1/8 stage well so may be a weak start is a prelude to a strong finish.

Adisco yet to pick a point as New Juaben grab 3 and Takoradi score 5 in first few questions.

One side of the auditorium is full of New Juaben support. They don’t want to be push-overs this evening. The quarter-final stage is dizzy heights for the school which has never reached this stage. They would want a semi-final spot.

New Juaben SHS: ‘Expect excellence’
Takoradi SHS: ‘May the perfect will of God prevail’

Adisco: ‘What many people don’t know is that Adisco is the only school that was actually built by the students themselves in 1910’

New Juaben SHS has an intimidating crowd here. There are no points for loud cheering schools. Only points for actual correct answers. Takoradi SHS needed a tie-breaker in the one-eighth stage to progress.

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Adisco, a seeded school, kicked out Suhum SHTS and Nkroful Agric SHS in the one-eighth stage contest. That win by 38pts margin is one of the biggest so far in this year’s competition.

They would want to replicate that form in this contest over less fancied New Juaben and Takoradi SHS. But you can be sure, the two schools will be getting enormous support from Adisco’s rivals.

Story by Ghana||Edwin [email protected]