Justice In Ghana Not Served To Only The Rich—Law Lecturer

A Law lecturer at the Central University College and private legal practitioner, Yaw Oppong has attacked perception only well to do personalities in the society are served justice by the courts in the event of a disagreement between the poor and rich.

According to him, a radio station once called him to seek his view on a provision in the constitution which talks about equality before the law and authorities of the General Legal Council in handling cases among members.

“Lawyer don’t you think that with all these big lawyers on the General Legal Council and for them to get this plain constitutional provision wrong is it not a slap in their face”, the questioner asked.

“I said they should go to court to seek effectiveness of the law. When people say the laws are selective and not working, I say they should go to court to see its effectiveness”, Lawyer Oppong dared.

“The laws are like a coin depending on which size you see, you get a different understanding” he pointed out during a panel discussion on Joy FM’s Newsfile analysis program last Saturday.

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“When there is a disagreement in the society no matter how big or small you are just go to court and you will get justice” he admonished.