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Adama Pataku Family Warns Police Land Grabbers

The Nii Adama Pataku Family of Abamma in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region has advised police officers, who gratuitously acquired their lands from one Henry Ashilley, a suspected land guard, to stop developing them.

They have vowed to expose the said policemen if they do not desist from that practice.

Head of the Nii Adama Pataku Family of Mireku and Akanmajen, Alhaji Abdulai Showumi Williams, in a statement, said the police personnel have no proper documents covering the land since they did not acquire them genuinely from the family.

He said the police personnel, who are in league with the land guards in the area, support the land guards to conduct their activities in the area after which lands are parted to them in appreciation.

Alhaji Williams said the family met and gave James Laryea the power to safeguard the family’s land situated at Abamman.

He was given oversight responsibility to prevent all those who acquired the land illegally from Henry from developing them.

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However, the police officers and Henry Ashilley connived and arrested James Laryea and linked him to the murder of the development chief of Ardeyman, he alleged.

“We have recently discovered that after maliciously arresting our relative James Laryea and linking him to the murder of Nii Tettey Sarbah, the development chief of Ardeyman, the said police officers have taken advantage of the situation to develop their lands.”

The said police officers, according to the family, are allegedly stationed at the Amasaman, Accra regional CID and headquarters.

He said, “Family property is not state property and no matter what they do, the family members will not allow them take the land free of charge.”

He revealed that James Laryea was arrested by the police for refusing to allow the said police officers of the Amasaman police station, and CID Headquarters, who gratuitously acquired their family lands through Henry from developing them at Abamman.

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“Henry Ashilley is a notorious land guard, who was arraigned before court and fined for selling their family lands at Abamman.

“Henry Ashilley’s father, Alfred Anum Ashilley, was a senior member of the family even though he was never the head of the family with the authority to sell lands yet Henry has been selling the family lands in the name of the father even after his death.

He said Henry was dragged to court by the family to stop him from further selling of lands.

“Some of the said police officers came to the family to allow them continue with their project, but the family declined and it was these same police officers, together with Henry, who came to apprehend Mr. Laryea and further accused him of the murder of the Ardeyman chief.

By Linda Tenyah-Ayettey
([email protected])