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VIDEO: Bishop Obinim’s Translator Is So Bad You Should Probably Apply For His Job Right Now!

Bishop Daniel Obinim speaks passable English, not too fancy but enough to be understood. However, he primarily preaches in twi, for the masses to get exactly what he’s saying.

However, he has a translator to convey his words into English, most probably for the television audience who might be watching from anywhere.

Still, it doesn’t look like this translator is doing his job very well at all. A video of one of the Obinim’s sermons shows the Bishop should probably be looking at getting a new translator, because the translator’s English is just on the same level as Obinim’s.

Perhaps that’s why he even got hired. LMAO.

Check out the translator in action below. And just in case you need a job, go apply. The system is hot and this could be your break!