Lifestyle: The modern man’s guide to etiquette

Ameyaw Debrah Whilst technology has delivered us everything from dating apps to online slots games, it’s clear that etiquette is still an essential part of our daily behaviors.

From knowing how to dress for formal situations like job interviews, to understanding which social situations require you to put your smartphone away, there are plenty of things to consider when ensuring that we make the right impression.

Formal situations

Whilst important family events like weddings and funerals require plenty of unique etiquette, there are few occasions where we require excellent manners so much as the job interview.

Not only do you have a limited amount of time to win your interviewee over, but everything from body language, your handshake, and what you wear can all play a big part in forming a favorable impression.

So be sure to do your research about what the cultural norms are for the formal event. Whether it’s a big sporting event or an intimate business meeting, they will all have unspoken rules about what is expected from the participants. And above all, get there on time, as being late is never acceptable!

Nightlife etiquette

A night out on the town also carries plenty of important etiquette issues. And the romantic meal for two can often be more terrifying than a job interview, so be sure to think about how to adapt your dining etiquette for the best possible impression.

Whilst nightclubs and casinos are more relaxed in regards to dress codes than they were a few decades ago, it’s always best to research any fashion restrictions beforehand.

So just as you might learn some history about gaming from New Jersey Online Casinos before you head to a gaming parlour, a little online research into what to expect from your night-time entertainment can help you dress and act accordingly.

Everyday manners

And finally, it’s important to remember that good etiquette can have plenty of beneficial effects in our everyday life. Whether it’s holding a door open for the person behind you, or considering how your fragrance affects perceptions of you, it all shows how good manners are about more than just formal situations.

But perhaps the most controversial feature of modern etiquette is regarding the use of smartphones. So whether you are using your mobile device to play online slots or chat to a potential partner, be sure to follow the advice of Richard Branson so that you can stay connected without offending those around you