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Doctors Warn Devastated Human Ken Doll’s nose Could fall off after Rhinoplasties

A man dubbed the Human Ken Doll due to his multiple plastic surgeries has had so many procedures on his nose, it could now turn black and fall off if he alters it again.

Rodrigo Alves consulted two doctors in a new episode of Botched, which will air on E! this Sunday. In a preview clip, the 33-year-old Brazil native, who now splits his time between London, Marbella and Los Angeles, cannot breathe through his nose after getting three rhinoplasties in just 12 to 15 months.

In order to remedy the situation, Rodrigo wishes he could get another procedure done, but the back-to-back surgeries have left the skin tissues so damaged, they will die if Rodrigo attempts to have any more work done.