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“This is how you should treat clients”: Customer brings two strippers to bank as protest against poor service

A fed-up bank customer brought two strippers to his local branch in a bizarre attempt to protest their poor service.

The unnamed man walked into the branch flanked by two beautiful young women who at first were fully clothed.

In the video recorded by a fellow customer, he said to bank staff:

“You are treating the client without generosity, in a cold way. I would like to show you how you should really treat the client.”You have got me to the brink of a nervous breakdown. This is how you should treat clients”I hope you will remember this moment”. Then, to some music the man provided, the women began to dance erotically and strip off their clothes,  Russian media reports.

The incident occurred at the branch of Sberbank in the Russian capital of Moscow.Sberbank confirmed the incident took place in one of their offices.

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