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Garages Train Artisans In Car Servicing

The Ashanti Regional branch of Ghana National Association of Garages (GNAG) is planning to organise the first training programme designed to teach mechanics about servicing of new electronic cars, business management and safety measures, Vice Chairman, Lukman Nuhu Mohammed has announced.

He said the aim is to keep GNAG members up-to-date with advances in technology and electronic cars in the changing automobile manufacturing industry.

According to him, GNAG, in partnership with local and international skills training organisations in car servicing and the use of diagnostic machines, and management, will run the courses for its members.

It is the hope of the newly sworn-in executives of GNAG Ashanti branch that trainees will use the skills that would be acquired to train young apprentices.

Speaking in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, Mr. Mohammed called on independent garages and mechanics to join the Association in order to benefit from the training programme.

The GNAG Regional Vice Chairman hinted that the executive members were in talks with some suppliers to provide the Association with diagnostic machines and laptops to be sold to members on credit at reasonably low cost.

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He recalled last year a similar training programme organised for members in 16 zones in the Ashanti Region who also benefited from supply of modern gadgets and tools.

For him, the rapid pace of technological change in the motor industry has made it critical for technicians delivering modern apprenticeship trainings to be kept up to date with new and emerging technologies.

Mr. Mohammed, who is also the Managing Director of Luqman Engineering Services and Training Centre in Kumasi, said the GNAG was determined to ensure that apprentices and technicians who will be required to repair and maintain modern vehicles today and in the future have access to the very best training available.

He advised people, particularly the youth, without employable skills to take the opportunity to acquire modern car servicing skills.

“I am planning to open a branch of modern car servicing training centre at Konogo to train artisans and technicians. There is the need to share knowledge and experience,” he disclosed.

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From Ernest Kofi Adu, Kumasi