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Photos from inside the hotel where singer Chris Cornell committed suicide

Photos taken inside the hotel room where singer Chris Cornell was found dead on May 18, 2017 has been released. Discoveries made in the room include; the red exercise band presumably used in the hanging, blood splattered in the bathroom, a blood-stained carpet, prescription drugs and more.

Chris was found after his frantic wife, Vicky Karayiannis called his bodyguard to check on him.

The bodyguard, Martin Kristen was unable to get a hold of the 52-year-old singer so he kicked open the main door to his room at the MGM Grand and then kicked in the interior door to find Chris hanging.
The hotel called 911 immediately and when police arrived and entered Chris Cornell’s Detroit hotel room they found his belongings, his prescriptions, the exercise apparatus he used to commit suicide, blood on the bathroom floor, and the broken door jamb from the bodyguard’s forced entrance. Among the drugs found was an anti-anxiety drug.

In the room, one of Chris’ guitars was on a chair. On the unmade bed they found his iconic shades, hotel remotes and some other personal items. There were 74 pictures in all released on Tuesday.

Cornell’s autopsy report, released June 2, said his death was a suicide by hanging. The report also revealed that toxicology tests detected drugs and caffeine were found in his system but it said the drugs did not contribute to the cause of his death.

More photos below…