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South African Landlord Evicts Tenant For Using 400 Litres Of Water A Day, Claims She Flushes The Toilet 22 Times In One Day


With some town in South Africa experiencing water shortage, a landlord from Cape town has evicted one of his tenants because she was using up to 400 litres of water a day, including flushing her toilet 22 times in one day.

Alex Lepnik‚ 47‚ a landlord from Table View in the city of Cape town‚ sent the woman packing after failed to adhere to his initial warning on water usage at his compound.

“I put in my rental agreements that the water allowance is recommended from the City of Cape Town. It is written in the contract and also‚ when the tenant moves in‚ I advise them of this‚” Lepnik was quoted on Timeslive

According to him, “the lady was using excessive amounts of water. She would use up to 400 litres of water a day. I have a meter on the toilet and it showed that she flushed the toilet 22 times in one day.”

Lepnik who claims his personal water use is 60 litres a day, explained that even though he will lose out on an income‚ sometimes saving water trumps monetary gain.

The landlord, however, revealed that he has got another alternative method by installing a big water-harvesting system

“I have installed a big water-harvesting system. I harvest rainwater and I use very little municipal water. You cannot keep on adding people to the same grid‚ knowing that the grid cannot take all that pressure.”

The City of Cape Town mayoral committee member Xanthea Limberg said the dam levels remain critically low‚ despite recent rains.

He, therefore, urged residents to manage the use of water consumption as the dam levels currently stand at 25.4%. The last 10% is not safe for consumption, according to him.