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Woman took her own life after house flooded 38 times in 12 years

A woman took her own life after her home flooded 38 times in 12 years, her friends and family said today.

Catherine McColl was ‘driven to despair’ by her house, which had a drainage issue that left the sewage below constantly overflowed.

She was found dead by her partner just months after she had returned home following floods that had forced her into temporary accommodation.

An inquest into her death heard the flooding had caused her ‘significant distress’ after she was left unable to stay in her home in Woking, Surrey, in spring 2016.
Ms McColl’s bereaved partner, Mark Williams said: ‘It was just woefully inadequate assistance from the water board.

‘In the time I knew Catherine I burned out three jet washers because the water board were so useless we would have to clean it up.’

The flooding had gone on for several years but in 2016, it became so bad she was forced out of her home.

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Family said it took a heavy toll on her.

‘Even after she moved back in, the carpet was damp and she didn’t have any furniture,’ Mr Williams said.

The 46-year-old’s home was seriously flooded again with water – which washed in excrement and female hygiene products – just days before her death on September 18 last year.

Woking Coroner’s Court heard Mr Williams describe the moment he found her.

He said: ‘I used to stay at her address a few nights a week.

‘I decided to have a sleep in the mid-afternoon and remember I got up at 8pm.

‘I got up to go to the toilet and noticed the whole house was in darkness which was unusual because I didn’t think Catherine would have gone out.