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Biggest scams in Ghana always cooked at the Presidency – Franklin Cudjoe

The President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe is alleging that from experience of fellows at his Think Tank, the major corrupt deals that have saddled this country are usually cooked at the Presidency.

“IMANI folks have always said that the biggest public corruption nut to crack is procurement shenanigans. And it must start from the Presidency, where by our experience the biggest scams are cooked”, he said

Based on this, he said there will be little or need for the Independent Public Prosecutor (IPP) indicating that the person will be acting after the corrupt acts have taken place and will spend eons trying to get convictions.

“The government promised to appoint the IPP six months into office. IMANI estimated in its manifesto assessment that it will take almost 18 months to get the law backing the setting up of the office, recruiting some one to fill the position, staff, and money to start operations. This will mean the first successful prosecutions and convictions may be realised in 24 months from now, assuming of course, that litigations do not protract as defendants might be high profile politicians with a lot of money to fight back. But we remain optimistic”, he stated

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He also called on the real accusers of the Electoral Commissioner to own up adding that their act os is not whistle blowing.

“This is whispering. The accusations are grave especially those that relate to sidelining public procurement processes”.