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Ghanaian Woman Mysteriously Dies in Germany

  • There are reports of a Ghanaian woman dying in her room in Germany
  • Cause of Akosua Perpetual’s death remains unknown so far

A Ghanaian woman by the name, Akosua Perpetual, is feared to have mysteriously died in Germany

Reports do indicate that the woman, believed to be in her mid 30’s, was seen lying motionless in her room after a section of her friends, also from the Ghanaian community budged into her room after days of not getting in touch with her. Upon calling the police, the lifeless body of Perpetual was thus wrapped in a black cloth and whisked away in a stretcher as neighbours held up their mouths in shock and disbelief.

So far, the foreign affairs ministry is yet to ascertain the actual cause of Madam Akosua’s death as investigations into her death begins here in Ghana.

Germany remains one of the European countries with the highest number of Ghanaian immigrants. In the meantime, Ghana’s embassy in Germany is yet to reveal the circumstances leading to her death as they wait upon post-mortem analysis of her body.

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