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Warning over clever WhatsApp scam which ‘will catch people out’

The WhatsApp hardcore will remember when you used to have to pay a 0.99p annual fee to use the service – but watch out if you receive a message about it.

Fraudsters are trying to catch long-term users with an email message relating to the old 0.99p charge (which was scrapped by Facebook in 2016).

Since then the service has been free for every user.
The emails seen by the police’s Action Fraud team, try and trick users into handing over bank details.

Action Fraud says, ‘The emails claim your “subscription will be ending soon” and are after your banking information. We have been getting an increasing number of reports about them over the past couple of days.

‘Whilst late adopters of the service might look at the email below and simply brush it off, long term users will remember paying and could quite easily think the app has gone back to its subscription model and get caught out.’