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I Quit Social Media Because Of Death Threats From Shatta Wale’s Foolish Fans

Entertainment pundit Prince Tsegah has revealed he has quit social media after he received death threats from some fans of Shatta Wale due to his criticism of the star.

Shatta Wale himself threatens people all the time so his uncouth fans directing death threats at someone is a regular occurrence and unfortunately, nobody pays for that kind of vagrant behaviour.

Tsegah recently reported on the shut down of Shatta Michy’s East Legon pub as well as other negative issues surrounding the self proclaimed ‘dancehall king’ and his fans got furious at him for that and started threatening him and his family.

“I left social media because of Shatta fans. They come on social media and insult my parents, my children and my great grandchildren and also threatening with texts that when I talk about Shatta and they see me, they will pour acid on me” he said on Adom Fm.

Tsegah went on to describe Shatta’s fans as not ‘discerning’ and it’s a description not many would disagree with him on.

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“I think more discerning people will not behave like the fans are doing”, he said.

He added: “I am not afraid of them but I just don’t want it to get to me. If it gets to me I will lose focus. I want to continue doing what I’m doing without fear or favor. They have been doing it always but they are now realising that they can’t do anything to me again”