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Unaccredited Schools Risk Total Closure

Professor Kwesi Yankah, Minister of State in charge of Tertiary Education, has asked the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to act swiftly in shutting down all unaccredited training schools in order to preserve the sanctity of the educational sector.

According to him, inasmuch as there are several accredited universities, there are others that have not obtained the due licence from the appropriate authorities to operate, a situation that can jeoperdise the future of students if not checked immediately.

Speaking in an interview with Chief Jerry Forson, host of Ghana Yensom on Accra 100.5FM on Monday July 31 in connection with government’s efforts at dealing with unaccredited schools, Prof Yankah noted that recently the accreditation board released a list of unaccredited schools as a way of shaming them, but added that the authority must move beyond just naming and shaming to actually close down those schools.

He noted that it was illegal for such schools to be operating because they are doing so without legal backing. “We have over 70 accredited universities across the country but there are a lot that have also not been accredited yet are operating. Government has the right to close down those schools because they are not operating within the law, they have no accreditation.

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“Recently the accreditation board published a list of unaccredited universities and so we will remind them that it shouldn’t end there, they should move ahead and close down those schools.”