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Deliverance & Breakthrough Prayers with Pastor Olu Famous

Apologies to those who contacted me but I couldn’t attend to them fully in the last 2 weeks leading to the first Saturday Service of Living Seed Church. I hope you understand that I was engaging in serious multi-tasking then? Good thing is, I’m back now and available for Counselling and Prayers. Feel free to contact me from any state in Nigeria, including my base – Abuja.

We had the Saturday Service, though some couldn’t get permission from their place of work or had to attend to pressing family engagements. Those who made it to the venue were blessed.


After serious consideration, since Abuja is a city where many individuals go to work on Saturday, we could be going fully into Sunday Service pretty soon.

Truly, it is an anomaly for many Christians to be under the burden of poverty as is the case today. I was truly worried about this situation even before the Lord gave me this Big assignment.

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If you need prayers for your Deliverance, Blessings and for Breakthroughs to be activated in your life, contact me with the details below:

Plot 156 (Zone A)
Apo Resettlement Estate
Abuja, Nigeria.

Pastor Olu Famous