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Twitter users go gaga over a genius iPhone trick that makes your music play louder in just a few clicks

There are plenty of DIY tricks for boosting the volume on your cellphone, but iPhone users have always had the power to make their music sound louder by adjusting their settings — and they probably didn’t even know it.

A Twitter user known as TheBae took to social media over the weekend to share a screengrab of the iPhone setting he uses to make his iPhone speaker louder, and people were loving the hack.

‘How to make your iPhone Speaker louder. (Play Music while you’re doing it) Thank meh later,’ he wrote, and his tip has already been retweeted over 84,000 times.

All iPhone users have to do is go to ‘Settings’, choose ‘Music’, scroll down and tap ‘EQ’, and then finally choose ‘Late Night’ from the list of settings.The trick won’t make your iPhone as loud as if it were plugged into a speaker, but plenty of people noted that it did increase the volume of the music they were playing.

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‘You are amazing. I just want to hug you,’ Amaia Wall commented, an TheBae responded: ‘I wanna hug you too.’

‘Twitter teaches me more than college,’ one person noted, and Bovary Cee added: ‘Wow!!! Five iPhones later (on an iPhone 6) and just learned something new. Thank you!’