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Stranded Hajj pilgrims at the mercy of thieves – Suyuhini

The Member of Parliament for the Tamale North constituency in the Northern Region, Alhassan Suhuyini has complained about conditions Muslims pilgrims in that part of the country are experiencing ahead of the journey to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the 2017 Hajj.

According to him, there have been some robbery cases reported by the pilgrims at their camp at the Tamale stadium.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Friday, Mr. Suhuyini said about four motorbikes have gone missing as well as luggage of some of the pilgrims.

“I’ve heard apart from the sanitary situation, people are stealing all over the place. Because it is very close to the forest and the forest may be inhabited by all kinds of things. Last night I heard they had stolen more than four motorbikes at the place and have even taken some luggage. I can’t confirm this but these are reports I’m hearing from the ground.”

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“It tells you that the location is also contributing to the frustration of these pilgrims. If they were located in town where the Jubilee Park is the police barrack is nearby they could have used the facilities that are there to attend to distress call and they could have avoided all of these frustrations instead of demonizing someone and making the other look good,” he added.

Stranded hajj pilgrims
The faith of over 500 pilgrims at the Tamale Sports Stadium was almost dashed following a delayed flight on Thursday.

The Northern Regional Coordinating Council in an attempt to persuade the angry Pilgrims at 12 midnight gave them biscuits and soft drinks.

Meanwhile, the first batch of pilgrims were airlifted to Saudi Arabia  late on Friday.

Mr. Suyuhini said relocating the pilgrims from the jubilee park to the stadium was a bad decision.

“…The people who championed the communication pointed to how this was better than what was done in the previous years and how this is going to be better and how people messed up in the previous year and they are going to do it better. All these are needless. Our focus should be on how to get the pilgrims the best experience ever because it is not an easy exercise to perform. So you don’t need some of these frustrations.”

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He further urged the pilgrims to remain calm while authorities put measures in place to rectify the issues.