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Nigerian Man & His Girlfriend Arrested For Drug Trafficking

Quick money troubles. A 43-year-old Nigerian, Christian Osingwelen, has been arrested with two Malawian ladies for drug trafficking.

They were arrested at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe for illegal possession and importation of the dangerous drug called Ephedrin.

Their action is contrary to section 11 (a) Regulation 19 of Dangerous Drug Act.39yrs old Lusungu Mlenga, 33yrs old Nkhata Bayand Rita Juma were arrested with the Nigerian.

Airport Police Branch Public Relations Office, Sapulain Chitonde Lee told the media that police received a tip-off from MRA Officers working in the arrivals hall that Mlenga is suspected to be collecting a table with drug concealment.

“Police searched the table and found packets of unknown powder and later broke one of packet to see the powder where they found a dangerous drug called Ephedrin

“We are yet to finalise interrogating the three to where the drugs were coming from and who owns it,” said Chitonde.

Officer Chitonde added that Mlenga got a phone call from an unknown person (name withheld) to collect a table from the airport, which had gone missing.

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He said that USD 2,000 and additional MK 700,000 was paid as custom clearance for the table from MRA without knowing what was inside.

“Juma, a girl friend to the Nigerian man received a call from his friend to collect USD 1,000 in town and give it to him at the airport without telling her the use of the said money.

“The Nigerian while accepting the statements from his friends is, however, denying ownership of both the table and the drug, despite giving Mlenga all the money to clear the table at MRA.”

MRA officers who handled the matter revealed to the police that Mlenga tried to bribe them with the said amount taking advantage that they were all women who needed to be helped saying if they felt they needed they should get it from the Nigerian.

“We are thanking MRA Officers for being professional when discharging their duties and tipping them about the three who they managed to get hold of them until police were informed.”

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