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 GAFA Commissions BA Branch

The Ghana Amputees Football Association (GAFA) has commissioned a branch in the Brong Ahafo Region to manage Amputee footballers in the Region.

The six member Executive Committee is headed by Pastor Dwankobea of the Dwankobea Bible Studies Ministry.

Speaking to the media on the need to establish a branch in the Brong Ahafo Region, the National Chairman of the Ghana Amputees Football Association, Rev. Richard Nii Amartey Adesa said it has become very necessary to establish thassociation in all the ten regions so that amputee footballers in all the regions can be brought on board to strengthen the national team.

He said the national team has been competing since 2005 but sadly only amputee footballers in Accra and few regions had the opportunity to participate.

According to Rev. Adesa, the team took part in the Africa Amputee Cup of Nations held in Sierra Leone and won the cup for Ghana.  The Amputee Footballers Association also hosted the Africa tournament in Accra and placed second.  He said Ghana also won bronze in the same tournament which was held in Nairobi-Kenya.  According to Rev. Adesa, the team participated in the world cup held in Argentina.  The team, he said has played in Russia and Mexico and the association has transferred ten amputee players to Turkey where they are playing as professionals.

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Mr. Adesa appealed to government to assist the team so that amputee footballers can have better training facilities in order to enable them perform better since amputee football is gradually becoming popular all over the world.  He lamented the situation where the association presented a budget to government which was approved since 2013 but not a pesewa has been paid into their account.