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All Africa Students Union (AASU) Commiserates With The Victims Of Floods And Landfall In Sierra Leone

AASU is profoundly grieved and bewildered by the magnitude of destruction caused by the heavy downpour and landfall that gutted parts of Freetown early this week. Over four hundred (400) people have been confirmed dead, including school-going kids, hundreds of people missing, with many more rendered homeless. The tearful scenes of the disaster make this day one of the gloomiest in the country’s recent history.

In this time of great sorrow, AASU, like so many others who are deeply saddened by this national tragedy, wishes to extend its condolences to the bereaved families and all those who are struck by this unexpected national loss. We are all sick at heart as a result of this terrible blow!

The Union, therefore, urges the Government of Sierra Leone and for that matter all African Governmentsto be proactive in the tackling of such occurrences to mitigate their consequences. As a Continent, Africa must not just be seen grieving over problems when they occur without doing much to prevent a recurrence. In light of this, the Union joins voice with the President of Sierra Leone to discourage citizens from residing in disaster-prone areas.

We, also, beseech our constituents and the public at large to come to aid, in anywhere possible, to the victims of this tragedy.

We applaud the bravery and self-sacrifices of the many young people, state emergency agencies and development partners who were so instrumental in the rescue operations.

The Union calls on all Africans to evoke their spirits of solidarity by providing assistances to the victims of this heartbreak engulfing the people of Sierra Leone.

Once again, may the souls of the departed rest in blissful eternity.

Long Live international solidarity!
Peter Kwasi Kodjie
Secretary General-All Africa Students Union (AASU)