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Read What Maame Serwaa Said About Movie Producers

As for this one, we have no reason at all to doubt it— I mean if you look at the kind of things these people pass off as movies and feed indiscriminately to our eyes, one plausible explanation is that such productions are executed on a meagre budget.

Clara Benson known on the screen as Maame Serwaa says producers spend less hence the eventual outcome of low quality movies being served us rather diligently.

Speaking on New Day, the young actress as she loves to be called said:

“If we go on set, producers don’t really give their best because they provide a small amount of money to build a big production,” she said.

Maame Serwaa therefore called on producers to invest more in executing good movies.

She took the chance to talk about her project she is embarking dubbed “Girl Child Talk” which she says would aim at encouraging young girls in schools to make education their topmost priority.

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Adding that she would throw a big party come DECEMBER to celebrate with her fans.