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Public Health Alert! Expired Savanna, Hunters Beer On Sale In Ghanaian Markets

A quantity of Savanna and Hunters Beer, bottled and packed in Ghana by Distell Group Limited, have been found to be unwholesome. Samples of the expired products submitted to the Daily Express show expiry dates of June and July 2017.

A visit to a number of bars mentioned by the complainants confirmed that they do have in stock expired Hunters Beer and Savanna drinks. Distill Ghana Limited, however, says they are not aware of the existence of the expired products on the market.

“If the drinks are about to expire, we pull it back from the market. It must be an exception and we will address it because we know of the consequence,” Geogery Greg Pitt told the Daily Express.

A supervisor at one of the drinking bars the Daily Express confirmed the sale of the expired products said the drinks were recently supplied to them. Another retailer said he has several cartons of the drinks in stock.

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Marketing Manager of Distell Group Limited, Mr. Jude Matti told the Daily Express the company will get to work to withdraw the products.

“We have communicated to all distributors that if the drinks are expiring, they should let us know so that we can collect them” he added.

Samples of the expired products have been submitted to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

Public Relations Officer of the FDA, James Lartey, said the regulator will investigate the development.