Government Must Review Policy On Auction Cars

Auctioning of state properties has become a swindling institution where a lot of corruption is taking place against the nation as some heads of institutions taken auction as their avenue of enriching themselves from time to time.

SANCTITY Observations and Opinion, an anti corruption group toured some of our Institutions in the greater Accra region and what we saw was totally unacceptable.

Trust me,some people are always diverting huge sums of monies at the blind side of the government that could be used to develop the country.

Below is some of the findings from the tour…
1. A lot of vehicles are packed under trees or under the direct sun at the following government institutions. The Ministry of Transport,the Ministry of Works and Housing,the Ghana Water Company Ltd,the Forestry Commission,the Lands Commission etc etc.

2. We saw mushrooms and other weeds growing on the seats of some of the cars packed under the trees with their glasses fully rolled up.

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3. We saw some of the cars resting on stones and woods, because there were no tyres under them for a longtime.

4. We also saw some of the cars covered with polythene sheet and packed under the direct sun for many months.

It is mind boggling for a country that is always seeking for Loans from other developed countries to waste such a huge sums of money that could finance the government to develop our dear nation.

But in our little follow-ups, we were informed that those cars are to be auditioned after 4 to 5 years of becoming obsolescent.

It is not a secret that some Transport Officers and the leadership of some of the institutions had connived to intentionally pack the cars that can still be of use in one way or the other.

They later request for new cars and sanction the purchase with their agendas of selling those abandoned cars to themselves and their cronies cheaply when the auction date is due.

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One can no longer be surprised that some state SUV vehicles are sold as low as one thousand cedis (GH 1,000.00) after successfully carrying out their intended diabolic nation wrecking plans.

The question now is,why can’t we repair those cars and send them to the Rural areas if those of us in the Urban communities think they are not of benefit to us anymore.

Why can’t we have a policy with links to the companies state bought those cars from to later come for the cars and replace them in a swap deal. For example, (take away 10 old cars and replace with 5 or less new cars).

Most of us who are experienced in the automobile business knows very well that car parts don’t usually go waste totally. A lot of the parts can be recycled by the manufacturing companies.

Why can’t we pack those cars under canopies?
Another question is, If those cars are condemned or not good enough and has actually been rejected, why is it purchased by those who rejected them and their cronies when it’s auction time?

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In many opinions sampled by, it is not entirely good for government to entertain the policy of parking state cars for up to 4 or 5 years before auctioning.

There is some iota of truth that, the current situation devalues the state properties but not to that cheapest low quotations we have been recording and accounting for.

In this regard the Auction Policy must as a matter of urgency be reviewed to end the subject of depreciation for state vehicles and any other property.