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Mass Housing Constructions Begin In 33 States

The Federal Government on Thursday announced that it had commenced the construction of mass housing projects in 33 states across the country. It also called for an upward review of up to 50 per cent as mobilisation funds for contractors, especially emerging contractors operating in the industry, in order to enable them deliver their projects satisfactorily.
Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, who disclosed this at the sixth meeting of the National Council on Lands, Housing and Urban Development, told delegates at the event that with ongoing housing projects, the government had fulfilled the commitment it made at the 2016 council meeting by 90 per cent.

Commenting on the progress report on the National Housing Programme , which was discussed at last year’s meeting, Fashola said, “At the time of the council meeting in August 2016, I reported that we were finalising designs to accommodate our cultural, climatic and other diversities.

“I had explained that when the designs were completed, we would commence construction to pilot the designs and test them for affordability and acceptability. I am pleased to report that construction has started in 33 states where land has been made available.” He added, “This is in fulfilment of anothercommitment made at last year ’ s council by at least 90 per cent.”

The minister said he had personally visited project sites in Taraba, Gombe, Ekiti and Oyo states, adding that “what I saw demonstrates to me very clearly how impactful the National Housing Programme has been, even at the pilot and inception stage .”