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Lawyer Who Witnessed Princess Diana’s Death Believes ‘Other Forces’ Were Involved In The Crash

Two decades after the death of Princess Diana, retired lawyer Stanlee Culbreath, who was one of the first witnesses to the tragic scene of the car crash that killed Princess Diana, has spoken out saying he believed “other forces” were involved in the accident.
His account goes thus:

The 69-year-old says Princess Diana was still alive after the accident and was talking but French emergency services had delayed in coming to her rescue, thereby reducing her chances of survival. He also said a policeman was at the scene but made no move to help the princess. Though he pleaded with the policeman, he was nonchalant and told those who tried to help to get away from the car. He said he remembers telling a friend at the scene that even a junkie on the street will get help faster.

Culbreath also revealed that when emergency services finally arrived and she was released from the car, they passed one hospital but did not take her in there. During the inquest, in 2007, it was disclosed that it took an hour and six minutes from the time Diana was taken from the wrecked car until she reached the hospital. The inquest heard the princess may have lived had French medics not “squandered” crucial minutes treating her at the scene.

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Stanlee Culbreath said he remained silent all this while about what went down that night of Diana’s death because her sons, William and Harry, were still too young and he wanted to protect them.

Culbreath said:

“I always thought it was suspicious, that other forces played a hand, but now, 20 years on, I question more than ever whether it was a genuine accident. I just think it is dubious.
“If that’s the Princess, why did it take 20 minutes or so to get to her and, when she was finally released (from the car), why did they pass one hospital and take her to another?”
Culbreath told how, at the scene, although at that time unaware Diana was in the wrecked car, he commented to a friend, “Damn, a junkie on Main Street would get waited on quicker than this”.

He added: “There are so many questions I ask myself over and over again about how the accident was handled and if she could have been saved. I pleaded for the police to help, but they were very nonchalant about the entire thing.

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