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Landlord Breaks Female Tenant’s Hand Over N3k In Lagos

A landlord, identified as Baba Olukoya, has been arrested by the police in Lagos State for attacking his female tenant, Glory, over her inability to raise N3,000 to pay rent to him when he was broke and seriously needed money to eat.

According to PM Express, the incident happened at Chris Idowu Street in Ejigbo, Lagos where they reside. It was gathered that Baba Olukoya had collected rent which had not expired before he became broke and needed money to buy food and drinks.

Baba Olukoya turned violent on Glory when he demanded for the money on the condition that she will deduct it when she will renew her rent.

But Glory disappointed him and told him that she was equally looking for money to eat and her rent had not expired. In anger Baba Olukoya carried a small iron rod and hit Glory’s hand and it got swollen, she was rushed to hospital.


The matter was reported to the police at Ejigbo and Olukoya was arrested and taken to the station.

At the station, the landlord pleaded with the police that he did not attack the woman with normal eyes as he was hungry and needed money to eat.

He offered to treat the woman which will be deducted from the house rent and promised to maintain peace with his tenants.

The police then released him on administrative bail and asked them to come back after treatment to known the outcome of the treatment and settlement.Sadly, it was not Olukoya and Glory alone that were having issues over rent in the area, many tenants whose rents had expired are complaining that they could not afford to renew it due to hardship.