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Physiotherapist Dr. Konadu-Yiadom Receives Award

A physiotherapist and philanthropist, Dr Brown Osei Konadu-Yaidom, who is the founder of the Holy Covenant Healthcare Centre in Kumasi, has been recognised by the United Clergy International Association Worldwide for championing the rights of people with sickle cell conditions.

Apart from donating medicines like folic acid to people with sickle cell disease, the founder of Holy Covenant Healthcare Centre has been carrying out special education in churches and at social gatherings on the need for people, especially would-be couples to know their blood groups and sickling status before marrying in order to avoid the situation where they would risk giving birth to children with sickle cell anaemia which would be a drain on the finances of the couple.

Dr Konadu-Yiadom was consequently recognised and given the award by the United Clergy International Association Worldwide for his philanthropic works and contribution to society at its third national awards ceremony in Accra recently.

The United Clergy International Association Worldwide, in presenting the award, stated that Dr Osei Konadu-Yiadom has personally taken it upon himself to create awareness on blood and genotype across the country, especially in churches and institutions, to educate people on the need to know their blood group and sickling status before they could consider dating and marrying.

Receiving the award, Dr Konadu-Yiadom mentioned that huge amount of money is used to import folic acid to help children living with sickle cell conditions.

He said for the past six years, he has been working to provide support for the needy and also assist children living with sickle cell conditions.

The physiotherapist also indicated that the award has boosted his morale and would, therefore, continue to do more to help people living with sickle cell conditions, especially children.

He personally donated some items to children living with sickle cell at Bomso in Kumasi in commemoration of this year’s Sickle Cell Day.

United Clergy International Worldwide is one of the world’s most recognised organisations across the world which researches into activities of individuals, either private or in government and awards them based on their contribution towards nation building.