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GN Bank Ends Contract With Ghana Division One League Board

GN Bank Ends Contract With Ghana Division One League Board

The Managing Director for GN Bank, Mr Issah Adams, has revealed that the board members of the institution have decided not to sponsor the Division One League (DOL), after a three-year sponsorship deal with the Ghana Football Association to sponsor the country’s second-tier league.

He said the purpose of sponsoring the DOL was to market their services to the public as a new organization, but once they have achieved their goal there was no need to sponsor the DOL again.

In an interview with OTEC FM’ Royal Sports, he said the contract between the two parties elapsed last season and the Board of Directors of the financial institution have agreed not to sponsor the Division One League again.

“The contract has ended and the board has decided not to renew it again, we think three years of supporting the division one is okay for us. We wanted to be visible across the country because we were new so we felt since the division one league is been played in 48 centres in the country, it was the right medium for us to market ourselves effectively, he added.

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“We signed a GH 2,083,500 contract to support the division one league for three seasons, during the first season, we spent GH 600.000, the second season we spent GH 690.000 and we spent GH 793,500 for the last season 2016/17 season,” Mr Adams explained.

Though they did not renew the contract, Mr Adams revealed that the GN Bank has been known throughout the country because of the division one.

“As I speak now, we have our branches everywhere in this country, so we adopted that strategy and we have succeeded within the three years of sponsoring the DOL,” Mr Adams concluded.