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Glorious photo series captures women taking down their labels

Our bodies get a lot of expectations slung at them.

If they feel to meet those standards, they get judged and criticised.

We’re told we’re too thin, too fat, that our cellulite and stretch marks (both of which are entirely normal, just so you know) should be hidden, that our bodies are wrong and we need to fix them.

It’s bloody exhausting.

Thankfully, rather than giving up and never going out into the world again, we’re fighting back against the negativity with self-love. We’re learning that our bodies are great as they are, and that we don’t need to fit unreasonable ideals to be considered beautiful, and we’re spreading that message.

That’s the aim of Don’t Label Me, a photo series from Abigail Spencer and Meg Bishop, the co-owners of Salt and Light Photography.