Why Men Are S*x Obsessed

Men would spend more than four hours having sex and only three and a half working during their ‘ideal day’ according to a new survey.

Research has found that men would divide their ideal day spending four hours and 19 minutes making love, three hours and 36 minutes working, with three hours and 22 minutes set aside for seeing friends and family.

They would also spend two hours and 38 minutes eating and drinking, while grooming would only take up 29 minutes.

The study also found that men would spend the rest of their remaining time on their ideal day sleeping.

64 per cent also confessed that they spend time using their smartphones and tablets while on the toilet, while 26 per cent said they planned a to-do list in their head while intimate with their partner.

The study also found 51 per cent of men under 34 worry they are missing out on life experience if they are not filling all of their time.

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In this respect, a quarter of all men said they are always trying to find new ways to fit more and more experiences into their busy lives.

When discussing possible sacrifices, 70 per cent of men said they would be willing to cut back on the number of friends they have if it gave them more time for activities during the day.

20 per cent of men use their commute time to learn a new language or skill on their tablets, and 64 per cent believe that such advancements in technology allow them to fit more into their day.

Paul O’Connor, brand manager for Unilever Compressed deodorants, who commissioned the study, said: ‘The demands of modern society mean that young men are under pressure to fit more and more into their lives.

They are always looking for advances in products and technology to allow them to do this.’