#Trending: 108-year-old woman celebrates birthday with 107 children

In today’s offbeat trending news, a 108-year-old woman celebrated birthday surrounded by her 107 children. Now thats an entire village!

Madam Comfort Adowa Okerewah, a centenarian celebrated her 108 years birthday over the weekend. According to a Daily Guide report, the celebration was held in Akwadum, a suburb of Suhum in the Eastern Region, stated

She was surrounded by 10 children, 50 grandchildren and 47 great grandchildren, all adding up to 107. Madam Comfort Adowa Okorewah is said to be a former fetish priestess, a practise she started at a young age of 13. fetish priestess for 75 years until she “became a born-again Christian” some 20 years ago.

Her children organized a simple birthday celebration for her which was witnessed by some dignitaries from the area including the Suhum Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Margaret Darko. Some traditional leaders and residents also witnessed this rare occasion.

Addressing the gathering at the ceremony, Madam Comfort’s last born, Rev Dora Boateng, a leader of Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM), said her mother while still a fetish priestess, had a calling from God. “My mother had a dream and was directed by the Holy Spirit to convert to Christianity in order to gain salvation, and this she did,” Rev. Dora Boateng said