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From Bloodsport to Jean-Claude Van Johnson: How Jean-Claude Van Damme became Hollywood’s most beloved action star

When you think of fandoms, you probably think of teenage girls weeping over Robbie Williams leaving Take That and shrieking at One Direction concerts.

What your mind doesn’t immediately go to is men in their thirties hanging around on a freezing cold red carpet and shouting their idol’s name.

But the fandom surrounding Jean-Claude Van Damme is just as devoted as your average Beyhive, Belieber or Directioner.

At the premiere of Amazon Prime’s new original series Jean-Claude Van Johnson in Paris, hundreds of fans hung outside Le Grand Rex for a sight of the Muscles From Brussels, holding out VHS copies of TimeCop and old photo albums, hoping for an autograph or a picture with their hero.

And inside the cinema, the devotion was even more palpable.