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AMA Targets Drunk Drivers This Festive Season

AMA Targets Drunk Drivers This Festive Season

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has launched a campaign to rid the streets of all hazardous situations during and after the Christmas festivities.

Particularly important to the assembly is to eliminate drink driving, a noted cause for most road carnages.

“An anti-drink driving MTTD task force equipped with gadgets donated by philanthropists will be deployed throughout the season and beyond to keep the streets safe”, Accra Mayor; Mohammed Adjei Sowah said.

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Accra Mayor, Mohammed Adjei Sowah
Speaking to Joy News, he made it clear that drivers that fall foul of the anti-drunk driving law will be made to face the music.

“I, therefore, send a note of caution to all drivers, do not drink and drive in the city of Accra, you will not get away with it”, Mr. Sowah said.

The mayor also says that the narrative about the Lapaz intersection on the N1 Highway being one of the most accident-prone intersections in Accra will soon change with the launch of the AMA’s Pedestrian Road Safety Action Plan.

Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) has also launched its annual road safety campaign – dubbed Twa Kwano Mmom (Go the distance instead) in a bid to educate the public against unsafe road practices.