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GHC10,000 Reward For Anyone Who Helps To Arrest Bimbilla Woman’s Killer

GHC10,000 Reward For Anyone Who Helps To Arrest Bimbilla Woman’s Killer

Minister of Defence and Member of Parliament for Bimbila in the Northern Region, Dominic Nitiwul has offered a GHc 10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killers of a woman in the Bimbila township.

A 40-year-old woman was shot dead following some sporadic gunshots that rocked the troubled town on Tuesday.

The deceased’s 14-year-old daughter was also injured in the attack.

“Because of the troubles in that area, I think some people keep some ammo in places they shouldn’t keep [it]. So when the fire hit it the ammo started exploding so people thought it was gunfire and in the process, somebody actually went to murder that woman,” the Minister explained on Eyewitness News.

He offered up the reward as he urged the police do all it could to arrest the perpetrators of the crime.

“I am saying to the security agencies that you should do everything and anything possible under the sun. in fact, I am pledging GHc 10000 of my personal money… if somebody can give information to get the perpetrator of the heinous crime, I will give the person GHc 10, 000.

“That woman should not have been murdered. She has not committed any crime. she has done nothing for somebody to just go and murder her in cold blood for no reason. I think that was callous,” he lamented.

Police in the Bimbilla district have commenced investigations into the Tuesday shooting and picked up some AK 47 ammunition from the area of the crime.

The Bimbilla township has over the last few years been considered a crime hotspot leading to series of violent clashes involving the use of ammunition.

Last week, the celebration of the annual Damba festival in Bimbilla was suspended to prevent any potential conflict.