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Is ‘Oumuamua an alien spaceship or a cigar-shaped asteroid? Scientists reveal data from latest scans of mysterious object

The five telltale signs which mean asteroid might actually be an alien space probe

Well, it certainly looks a bit like an alien probe (Picture: Getty)

Scientists have conducted the first scans of a mysterious object which blasted through our solar system at 196,000 miles per hour to discover whether it’s an alien spaceship.

Sadly, it looks like the cigar-shaped object that’s been named ‘Oumuamua was probably not a probe sent by an extraterrestrial civilisation.

Researchers from Breakthrough Listen, an alien-hunting organisation led by Professor Stephen Hawking, used a large telescope at Green Bank, West Virginia, to detect whether the asteroid is emitting radio waves.

Unfortunately, analysis of data gathered from the first scans of ‘Oumuamua… Read the full story